Where’s The Love?

Curling fans throughout America were pleased to find out that ESPN acquired the U.S. broadcast rights to the Canadian Curling Association’s Season of Champions events. The agreement meant that over 300 hours of curling coverage was going to be accessible to American viewers on ESPN3 through March of 2015.

One ESPN employee, however, would appear to be less than enthused about that development.

Compiling the sports plays that ruled the internet in 2014, Scott T. Miller rightfully puts Mike McEwen’s triple-raise takeout from the Masters in the top five. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that after mentioning the feat was not enough for McEwen to defeat Brad Gushue, he asks:

“Would you rather win the Internet for a day, or win the boring old Masters Grand Slam of Curling? Pretty easy choice, right?”

Aw, man. Where’s the love?

Hopefully, Mr. Miller will tune in to some of ESPN3’s Season of Champions coverage on his smartphone or tablet using his WatchESPN app. He might find out what the ESPN brass already know – that curling is awesome, and it gets more and more popular every day.

Otherwise, why would they broadcast over 300 hours of it in the next few months?


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