Trouble in Ontario

It appears that Team Glenn Howard’s bid for the Ontario Tankard, and ultimately, the Brier is over. Howard, an 8-time provincial champion, and his rink lost in regionals over the weekend, effectively ending their chances to advance to the Tankard. While competing in the Challenge Round, which offers two berths to the Tankard, could possibly qualify them, the Penetanguishene rink is scheduled to compete in the Pinty’s All-Star Curling Skins Game in Banff, Alberta at the same time. And since they can’t be in two places at once, it looks like their fate in provincials is sealed.

Don Landry has weighed in, calling the Ontario Curling Association’s rules antiquated. Bob Weeks calls it embarrassing. Go read their entire columns here and here.

Will a Howard-less Ontario Tankard make the OCA take a fresh look at their rules? Or, is that just the way the stone curls? It’ll be interesting to watch what, if anything, happens next.


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