You’ve got to be kidding me

After I read Jim Bender’s piece in the Winnipeg Sun about the match between the Jill Thurston and Janet Harvey rinks in the Manitoba Scotties Tournament of Hearts presented by Monsanto, I was irritated. With Team Thurston leading 4-3 after just five ends, the two teams quit the match.

Granted, neither was in playoff contention, causing some to call it a “meaningless” match. But was it really meaningless? People pay money for tickets to these matches. Couldn’t these teams give the fans the show that they paid for?

Seriously, if teams in other sports could quit games prematurely after they’re hopelessly out of playoff contention, the Chicago Cubs would never play another nine-inning baseball game past the month of July. Of course, we shouldn’t be too harsh to the Scrubs: Any team can have a bad century.

But I digress.

One of the things that I like about curling is that when the game is getting out of hand, the two teams are allowed to shake hands and put the losing team out of its misery. A 1-point contest that’s just halfway done is not one of the times when this is appropriate.

Maybe a rule change is needed. Maybe not. Adults should know the difference between a 1-point barnburner and an exercise in futility.

Sixteen teams were in the 2015 Manitoba Scotties. That’s 64 women total … from the entire province. It’s a privilege to participate.

It’s too bad that not everyone recognizes that.


One thought on “You’ve got to be kidding me

  1. Best curling site ever.. #thecubssuck


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