Save Anchorage Curling Club – The Power of 42!

Here’s the deal: Our pals in Anchorage are having a tough time. They need to raise $70,000 to fix the cooling system in their club, or they won’t be able to curl anymore. You can watch and read more about it from:

To help raise funds, they have set up a GoFundMe account, which can be found by clicking here.

USA Curling estimates there are 16,500 curlers in this country. Now, there is no way that all 16,500 people will be able to donate. But if 1 in 10 American curlers (that’s 1,650 people for those of you who don’t have your abacus handy) donate $42, our friends in Anchorage will reach their goal. (And yes, for those of you who do have your abacus handy, I realize it’s telling you that 1,650 times $42 only equals $69,300, but we’re rounding here.)

So, whadaya say? Click here to access their GoFundMe page, and donate $42. If you can’t afford $42, give at a level you can afford.

The curling fraternity in the US is small. Granted, it grows every day, but it’s small compared to other sports in our country. By donating $42, you’ll have done your good deed for the day, and you’ll have come to the aid of our fellow curlers.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


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