College Curling Team Spotlight: The Colgate Raiders



Name Year Hometown Major
Andrew Vojt Senior Trumbull, CT Psychology and Economics
Steph Warnken Senior Bayport, NY Physics
Dannie Putur Senior Hollis, NH Mathematical Biology/Pre-Med
Allison Subaldo Senior New Milford, NJ Neuroscience
Grace Van Valey Junior Sudbury, MA Biology
Hunter Warburton Sophomore Washington, DC Physics
Austin Chawgo Sophomore Oswego, NY Physics and Astronomy

Last Year’s Highlights

Last year was a very strong year for the Colgate curling team. They won the RIT College Bonspiel in Rochester and was runner-up to Villanova in two other bonspiels (Broomstones and Nutmeg). Each team member was markedly improved from the year before. In particular, junior Grace Van Valey had a strong season in her second year of curling experience (she mostly played front end), and recently graduated Grant Haines had his strongest season as skip.

Colgate sent one team to both Broomstones and Rochester consisting of Haines (skip), Andrew Vojt (third), Steph Warnken (second), and Dannie Putur (lead). The Raiders were objectively not favored to win Broomstones, but took down a very good MIT team, earning the right to face Villanova in the final. Villanova, one of the best teams all last year, beat Colgate in a very close game. In Rochester, Colgate had two games come down to skip rocks (against Penn and Boston U.), with the Raiders prevailing in each. They then beat Villanova in the final end to take their first bonspiel win of the season.

Colgate sent two teams to Schenectady, but unfortunately, neither rink did well. The Nutmeg Bonspiel featured a team headed by Haines making the final, but again losing to their rival Wildcats of Villanova. At their annual Utica ‘spiel, both Colgate teams made the C event final. Overall they finished #7 in the country. A rink of Haines, Warnken, Van Valey and Allison Subaldo went to Nationals (Putur and Vojt were both abroad) and went 0-3 in group play against some tough competition. Good playing was shown all around.

Colgate had two regular first-year curlers, Austin Chawgo and Hunter Warburton, that showed significant improvement throughout their first year of curling. Chawgo was a formidable lead and Warburton was a good fill-in at both front end positions.

A Look Ahead to 2015-16

Colgate will be attending their usual bonspiels (Broomstones, Rochester, Schenectady, Nutmeg, Utica) and they hope to play well enough to qualify for Nationals.

Bonspiel Dates
Broomstones November 7-8, 2015
Rochester (RIT) November 13-15, 2015
Schenectady December 4-6, 2015
Nutmeg January 29-31, 2016
Utica February 12-13, 2016

The squad is more than confident in their team’s ability to both qualify and compete for a National Title. They have several players with years of experience under their belt, and have played in the national tournament before. While they lost a very talented curler in Haines, the Raiders benefit from a very deep and talented lineup that gives them an opportunity to win any bonspiel they enter. Ideally, they hope to recruit a couple of additional players, which would allow them to send two teams to each bonspiel. For the time being, they will send a competitive team every weekend. Colgate boasts a balanced team in terms of skill set and experience that will help greatly in the long run.

How to Contact Colgate Curling

Twitter: @ColgateCurling


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