College Curling Team Spotlight: The R.I.T. Tigers



Name Year Hometown Major
Katie McMillen 4 Trumansburg, NY Physician Assistant
Chris Haluszczak 5 Hammondsport, NY Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
James Reilly 3 Morristown, NJ Computer Science
Drew Serva 2 Elmira, NY Mechanical Engineering
Richard Price 3 Camden, NY Mechanical Engineering
Brennan Kelley 5 Minneapolis, MN Applied Networking/Sys Admin
Jacob Klaus 5 Middleburg, PA Industrial Engineering
Alex Pfadenhauer 2 McLean, VA Computer Engineering
Peter Doyle 2 Maynard, MA Computer Science
Tom Skudlarek 4 Olean, NY Mechanical Engineering
Brian Herzog 5 Buffalo, NY Mechanical Engineering
Nick Aggerbeck 2 Boston, MA Computing Security
Andrew Hill 2 Camden, NY Chemical Engineering
Michael Nixt 3 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Mechanical Engineering
Michael Ferlazzo 2 Stillwater, NY Civil Engineering Technology
Gavin Pitt 2 Morristown, NJ Computer Science
Tommy Bohde 2 Mahwah, NJ Computer Science
Flannery Allison 4 St. Louis, MO Photojournalism
Sean White 2 Victor, NY Packaging Science
James Bogardus 5 Kinderhook, NY Visual Media
Alex Reilly 4 Liverpool, NY Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Last Year’s Highlights

Last season was an exciting one for the RIT Tigers. It was their first year in the competitive sports federation at RIT, meaning they are considered more than a club – a step up in the recognition of curling on RIT’s campus. As part of the federation, they get some funds from RIT, which means they can send more players to spiels. Last season, they went to many bonspiels, including one as far away as Indiana. The Tigers had the honor of hosting the 2015 College Curling National Championship and placed 4th. Their biggest accomplishment over the past several years though, has been growing their club from a group of nine students to 32. With more members, they can send more curlers to spiels representing RIT, and more people are experiencing the fun of curling.

A Look Ahead to 2015-16

This season, RIT has a couple of main goals. First is to improve their skills and really hone in on proper delivery. They also hope to improve their communication skills on the ice, so they can work better as a team. The Tigers are going to continue to work on strategy and play choice. And of course, they hope to promote the spirit of curling in every way possible! This season, Nationals are being held in Chaska, MN. If they qualify, they would like to place in the top three. RIT kicks off the season with their own spiel at the Rochester Curling Club November 13-15th.

How to Contact RIT Curling

Twitter: @RITCurling


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