College Curling Team Spotlight: The Oklahoma Sooners



Name Year Hometown Major
Casey Cascio Graduate-Ph.D. Lake Charles, LA Intercollegiate Athletic Administration
Manda Chasteen Graduate-M.S. Edwardsville, IL Meteorology
Dominic Granello Graduate-M.S. Dallas, TX International Area Studies
Dillon Kovar Freshman Houston, TX Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Mahre Graduate-M.S. Plano, TX Meteorology
Jeff Milne Graduate-M.S. Phoenix, AZ Meteorology
Daniel Phoenix Graduate-Ph.D. Liverpool, NY Meteorology
Alexander Plotkin Junior Los Angeles, CA History
Mark Preslar Freshman Forest Park, OK Public Relations

Last Year’s Highlights

Last season, the Sooner Curling Club fell just short of qualifying for the 2015 National Championships. The team was captained and skipped by fourth year starter Tyler Jones. Under his leadership, the team maintained a winning record in the fall and winter leagues in the Oklahoma Curling Club. The team made one final push to qualify by finishing 3-1 in the 1st Annual Big Red Bonspiel in Omaha, Nebraska, but finished just short in merit points.

A Look Ahead to 2015-16

This season, the team is committed to qualifying for the 2016 National Tournament in Chaska, Minnesota. The season began with winning the 1st Denver Curling Club Collegiate Bonspiel in March 2015 and competing valiantly in the Dallas and Kansas City Open Bonspiels. The Sooners then focused on developing the next generation of Sooner Curling by fielding three teams across two leagues; a first for the Sooners. With no ice to practice on, the Sooners used the league games to practice, and picked up several league wins, despite the opposing teams having an average of three to four more years of experience.

The team returns only two curlers from the previous season. The Sooners recruited one player at the conclusion of the previous season, and picked up six players at the beginning of the fall semester. Although the team lost its three year starter at the skip position and lacks overall curling experience, they are full of raw talent and athleticism.

The Sooners competed in the recent Denver College Spiel and will field teams at collegiate bonspiels in Rice Lake and Omaha. This will be the first season a Sooner team competes in Wisconsin. At the end of the season, the Sooners will earn merit points in competitions in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wisconsin and will have traveled over 6,700 miles. Just another season in Region 5 or, as schools in the region call it, ‘Region Drive.’

Bonspiel Dates
Denver Curling Club Collegiate Bonspiel March 27-29, 2015
Dallas Open Bonspiel April 24-26, 2015
Kansas City BBQ Bonspiel August 7-9, 2015
Denver College Spiel November 6-8, 2015
Rice Lake College Bonspiel December 4-6, 2015
Big Red Bonspiel February 5-7, 2015

How to Contact the Sooner Curling Club

Team Manager: Casey J. Cascio
Adviser: Ron Conlon
Twitter: @SoonerCurling


UW-Green Bay Phoenix Wins UWGB College Spiel

Green Bay Curling Club
November 21, 2015

The UW-Green Bay Phoenix won the UWGB College Spiel. Here are the results:

Team W L
UW-Green Bay 3 0
UW-Stevens Point 2 1
Minnesota 1 2
Michigan Tech 0 3

Le Gruyere European Curling Championships 2015

The Le Gruyere European Curling Championships take place in Esbjerg, Denmark from November 20-28. You can find information on the bonspiel by clicking here. Also, the international TV schedule is here.

World Curling TV’s Youtube channel will broadcast many of the contests, starting with the women’s game between Sweden and Denmark at 8:00 am ET on Monday the 23rd. You can access World Curling TV’s Youtube channel by clicking here.

College Curling Team Spotlight: The Butler Bulldogs



Name Year Hometown Major
Phillip Tock (President) 4th Year Terre Haute, IN Recording Industry Studies
Jesse May (Vice-Pres.) 4th Year Crystal Lake, IL Recording Industry Studies
Olivia Murfield (Treasurer) 3rd Year Noblesville, IN Biology
Tim Barns (Secretary) 3rd Year Weston, MA History
Megan Dishman Graduate Student Laurel, IN Pharmacy
Sean O’Brien 2nd Year Avon Lake, OH Accounting and Finance
Zak Morgan 2nd Year Cicero, IN Mathematics
Alex Friedman 2nd Year Columbus, OH Recording Industry Studies
Shelbi Tidd 2nd Year Fishers, IN Psychology
Matt Steck 1st Year La Porte, IN Music Composition
Jenny Schick 1st Year Libertyville, IL Exploratory

Last Year’s Highlights

Last year was one of Butler’s more active years. They hosted their 1st Annual Bulldawg Bonspiel in Fort Wayne, IN and had great success. The Cornhuskers of Nebraska won that spiel where they competed against two teams from Butler, as well as RIT, Bowling Green, and Tennessee. Butler entered the competition scene again by traveling to Nebraska for their Big Red Bonspiel in Omaha.

A Look Ahead to 2015-16

This year, Butler will start the season at the Rice Lake Bonspiel and plan to travel to Nebraska again. They will also hold their 2nd Annual Bulldawg Bonspiel, although it has been moved to the Spring semester.

How to Contact Butler Curling

Twitter: @BUCurlingTeam

R.P.I. Engineers Win R.I.T. College Bonspiel

Rochester Curling Club
November 13-15, 2015

RPI(1) won the RIT College Bonspiel. Here are the complete results:

Pool A W L Pool B W L
Colgate(1) 3 0 RIT(2) 3 0
RPI(2) 1 2 Bowdoin 2 1
RIT(1) 1 2 Bowling Green(2) 1 2
SUNY Poly 1 2 Hamilton(2) 0 3
Pool C W L Pool D W L
RPI(1) 3 0 RPI(3) 3 0
RIT(3) 2 1 Hamilton(1) 2 1
Bowdoin/Harvard 1 2 RIT(4) 1 2
Colgate(2) 0 3 Bowling Green(1) 0 3

A Bracket
RPI(1) 8 RIT(2) 3
Colgate(1) 12 RPI(3) 0

RPI(1) 7 Colgate(1) 4

3rd Place: RIT(2)
4th Place: RPI(3)

B Bracket
Bowdoin 6 RIT(3) 5
Hamilton(1) 7 RPI(2) 5

Bowdoin 7 Hamilton(1) 5

3rd Place: RIT(3)
4th Place: RPI(2)

R.I.T. College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

Rochester Curling Club
November 13-15, 2015

The following sixteen teams will take part in this weekend’s RIT College Bonspiel. If a school’s name is a hyperlink, you may click on it to learn more about them in their College Curling Team Spotlight.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Colgate(1) Bowdoin RPI(1) Hamilton(1)
RPI(2) Hamilton(2) Colgate(2) Bowling Green(1)
SUNY Poly Bowling Green(2) Bowdoin/Harvard RPI(3)
RIT(1) RIT(2) RIT(3) RIT(4)

Friday, November 13
Draw 1 – 9:00 pm ET
Sheet A: Colgate-1 vs RPI-2
Sheet B: SUNY Poly vs RIT-1
Sheet C: Bowdoin vs Hamilton-2
Sheet D: Bowling Green-2 vs RIT-2

Saturday, November 14
Draw 2 – 8:30 am ET
Sheet A: RPI-1 vs Colgate-2
Sheet B: Bowdoin/Harvard vs RIT-3
Sheet C: Hamilton-1 vs Bowling Green-1
Sheet D: RPI-3 vs RIT-4

Draw 3 – 11:00 am ET
Sheet A: Hamilton-2 vs Bowling Green-2
Sheet B: Colgate-1 vs RIT-1
Sheet C: RPI-2 vs SUNY Poly
Sheet D: Bowdoin vs RIT-2

Draw 4 – 3:00 pm ET
Sheet A: Bowling Green-1 vs RPI-3
Sheet B: RPI-1 vs RIT-3
Sheet C: Colgate-2 vs Bowdoin/Harvard
Sheet D: Hamilton-1 vs RIT-4

Draw 5 – 5:30 pm ET
Sheet A: RPI-2 vs RIT-1
Sheet B: Hamilton-2 vs RIT-2
Sheet C: Bowdoin vs Bowling Green-2
Sheet D: Colgate-1 vs SUNY Poly

Draw 6 – 8:30 pm ET
Sheet A: Colgate-2 vs RIT-3
Sheet B: Bowling Green-1 vs RIT-4
Sheet C: Hamilton-1 vs RPI-3
Sheet D: RPI-1 vs Bowdoin/Harvard

Sunday, November 15
Draw 7 – 8:00 am ET
Sheet A: A Pool 2nd Place vs D Pool 2nd Place
Sheet B: B Pool Winner vs C Pool Winner
Sheet C: A Pool Winner vs D Pool Winner
Sheet D: B Pool 2nd Place vs C Pool 2nd Place

Draw 8 – 11:00 am ET
Sheet A: AD 2nd Winner vs BC 2nd Winner
Sheet B: AD Winner vs BC Winner
Sheet C: AD Loser vs BC Loser
Sheet D: AD 2nd Loser vs BC 2nd Loser