12th End Sports Network to broadcast ASHAM U.S. Open of Curling

The ASHAM U.S. Open of Curling will take place at the Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minnesota from January 1st through the 4th. The 12th End Sports Network (TESN.US) will broadcast one live game per draw. The first draw will take place at 11:45 am CT. You can access TESN’s feed by clicking here.

For more information (team info, linescores, etc.), check out CurlingZone or the World Curling Tour.



Team Epping On Fire

Team John Epping is #8 in Order of Merit (OOM) on the World Curling Tour. But no team is hotter.

The foursome from Toronto have won 15 of their last 21, including a championship in the Meridian Canadian Open – stop four of seven in the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling.

Skip John Epping made one amazing shot after another in the Canadian Open, including this angle-runback-double for two to win the semifinal against Team Kevin Koe:

Courtesy of CurlingZone

Epping, the angle-raise king right now, also served up two more gems in the final against Team Brad Gushue. Click here to see them if you haven’t already. A model of consistency as well as excitement, the skipper curled at an unbelievable 100% in the championship match against Team Gushue.

Their championship performance in Yorkton was just a continuation of their fine play of late. Here are the results from their last three bonspiels:

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling – The National
November 11-15, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
3 Reid Carruthers (MB) 7 W 8-5
7 Mike McEwen (MB) 1 W 7-5
9 Glenn Howard (ON) 10 L 3-4
12 John Shuster (USA) 14 W 9-2
QF Pat Simmons (AB) 13 W 6-3
SF Brad Gushue (NL) 2 L 6-8

*Source for all charts: World Curling Tour

Home Hardware Canada Cup of Curling
December 2-6, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
1 Steve Laycock (SK) 7 W 7-5
3 Mike McEwen (MB) 1 L 6-9
5 Kevin Koe (AB) 4 W 9-5
6 Brad Jacobs (ON) 3 L 3-7
8 Pat Simmons (AB) 12 L 6-8
9 Brad Gushue (NL) 2 W 8-6
10 Reid Carruthers (MB) 5 W 9-4
TB Pat Simmons (AB) 12 W 7-5
SF Kevin Koe (AB) 4 L 6-7

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling – Meridian Canadian Open
December 8-13, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
3 Brendan Bottcher (AB) 0 W 4-2
7 Mike McEwen (MB) 0 W 6-5
9 Kevin Koe (AB) 0 W 9-3
QF Steve Laycock (SK) 0 W 6-4
SF Kevin Koe (AB) 0 W 6-5
CF Brad Gushue (NL) 0 W 7-4

Looked at another way, here is their record against each team they’ve faced over these last 21 games:

Opponent Current OOM Record
McEwen 1 2-1
Gushue 2 2-1
Jacobs 3 0-1
Koe 4 3-1
Carruthers 5 2-0
Laycock 7 2-0
Bottcher 9 1-0
Howard 10 0-1
Simmons 12 2-1
Shuster 13 1-0

With performances that good against some of the best in the world, Team Epping will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the 2015-16 campaign.

Team Rachel Homan off to a Fast Start in 2015-16


Team Rachel Homan is absolutely on fire this season. They’ve won six of seven bonspiels. They boast a record of 46-5. They’ve outscored their opponents 336-185.

Until recently, they had a 25-game winning streak. That was snapped by Team Sherry Middaugh in the Home Hardware Canada Cup. But even that game was essentially a meaningless one as Rachel and Company had already locked up the #1 seed in the playoffs. The fearsome foursome quickly regained form, however, defeating a resurgent Team Val Sweeting 8-7 in the finals.

And it’s not like they’re beating up on Ottawa elementary school kids in Curling Canada’s Rocks and Rings Program either. They’re doing it against Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, Scotties Tournament of Hearts Champions, and the list goes on and on.

Here are the game results so far in the 2015-16 campaign for the team sitting atop the World Curling Tour’s leaderboard according to Order of Merit (OOM):

Stu Sells Oakville Tankard
September 3-7, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
1 Xueyi Wang (CHN) 188 W 8-1
2 Cicci Ostlund (SWE) 31 W 7-2
4 Anna Sidorova (RUS) 8 W 5-4
11 Val Sweeting (AB) 3 W 5-2
QF Erin Morrissey (ON) 64 W 6-3
SF Silvana Tirinzoni (SUI) 7 W 6-4
CF Alina Paetz (SUI) 5 W 5-4

*Source for all charts: World Curling Tour

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling – Tour Challenge
September 8-13, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
2 Julie Hastings (ON) 14 W 7-6
7 Binia Feltscher (SUI) 8 W 8-3
9 Kelsey Rocque (AB) 15 W 7-0
13 Val Sweeting (AB) 4 W 6-2
QF Eve Muirhead (SCO) 3 W 7-3
SF EunJung Kim (KOR) 16 W 6-3
CF Silvana Tirinzoni (SUI) 7 L 5-6

Stockholm Ladies Cup
September 25-27, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
1 Silvana Tirinzoni (SUI) 5 W 7-2
2 Andrea Schoepp (GER) 46 W 7-3
3 Un-Chi Gim (KOR) 74 W 6-2
4 Anna Hasselborg (SWE) 20 L 6-7
QF Anna Sidorova (RUS) 7 W 6-4
SF Margaretha Sigfridsson(SWE) 11 W 8-7
CF Eve Muirhead(SCO) 3 W 7-5

Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Curling Classic
October 9-12, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
1 Jessie Kaufman (AB) 110 W 9-2
3 Stefanie Lawton (SK) 20 L 6-8
6 Michele Jaeggi (SUI) 28 L 3-7
9 Rebecca Stretch (AB) 167 W 8-4
11 Jennifer Jones (MB) 2 W 8-3
12 Casey Scheidegger (AB) 32 W 6-2
QF Tracy Fleury (NONT) 15 W 6-2
SF Kelsey Rocque (AB) 11 W 7-4
CF Chelsea Carey (AB) 14 W 9-3

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling – The Masters
October 27 – November 1, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
3 Tracy Fleury (NONT) 12 W 7-2
5 Silvana Tirinzoni (SUI) 6 W 5-3
8 Margaretha Sigfridsson (SWE) 14 W 5-3
13 EunJung Kim (KOR) 11 W 6-2
QF Jennifer Jones (MB) 2 W 8-4
SF Kristy McDonald (MB) 15 W 8-5
CF Val Sweeting (AB) 4 W 6-4

Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling – The National
November 11-15, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
1 Anna Hasselborg (SWE) 19 W 6-1
4 Chelsea Carey (AB) 14 W 7-5
7 Kerri Einarson (MB) 16 W 9-4
13 Kelsey Rocque (AB) 10 W 7-1
QF Kelsey Rocque (AB) 10 W 5-4
SF Stefanie Lawton (SK) 20 W 5-3
CF Tracy Fleury (NONT) 13 W 5-4

Home Hardware Canada Cup of Curling
December 2-6, 2015

Draw Opponent OOM W/L Score
1 Val Sweeting (AB) 3 W 8-3
3 Jennifer Jones (MB) 2 W 6-5
4 Kristy McDonald (MB) 12 W 8-4
5 Kelsey Rocque (AB) 10 W 9-2
7 Tracy Fleury (NONT) 11 W 7-5
9 Sherry Middaugh (ON) 9 L 4-6
CF Val Sweeting (AB) 3 W 8-7

Simply put, there are no weak links on this team. Their lead, Lisa Weagle, is so good at the tick shot, that it’s often referred to as a “Weagle.” That, by itself, is an enormous accomplishment. Oh, and she’s no slouch on the brush either.

Their second, Joanne Courtney, is the newest member of the team. This is JoCo’s second season with Team Homan, and she gels with her teammates now better than ever. The best brusher in the women’s game, you would be hard pressed to find someone who shows more hustle game in and game out.

Third Emma Miskew is the mortar between the bricks on this team. Don’t let her last name fool you, she rarely miscues on draws or takeouts. When the skipper is in the hack, Emma is very much at home in the house. She can call line and is a strong, smart voice when the quartet is trying to determine strategy.

Skip Rachel Homan is everything you could possibly want in a skip. She has wisdom, talent, and composure well beyond her 26 years. She consistently puts her team in position to win, makes clutch shots with regularity, and she makes it look easy – even though it isn’t.

Their win Sunday in the Canada Cup guarantees them a spot in the Roar of the Rings – Canada’s Olympic Curling Trials. While it’s far too soon to tell whether or not they’ll be wearing the Maple Leaf in the 2018 Winter Olympics, one thing is certain: If they continue on their current trajectory, they have the talent, skill and cohesion to wear Gold Medals on the podium in PyeongChang.

R.P.I. Engineers Win Schenectady College Bonspiel

The Engineers of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute made the most of their home ice advantage, taking three of the top four spots in their event at the Schenectady Curling Club. Here are the results:

A Event
Winner: RPI-1
Second: Penn

B Event
Winner: RPI-3
Second: RPI-2

C Event
Winner: RIT-2
Second: MIT
Third: Yale
Fourth: Villanova

D Event
Winner: Colgate-1
Second: RIT-3
Third: Bowdoin
Fourth: Colgate-2

Schenectady College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

Schenectady Curling Club
Schenectady, NY
December 4-6, 2015

The following sixteen teams will take part in this weekend’s Schenectady College Bonspiel. If a school’s name is a hyperlink, you may click on it to learn more about them in their College Curling Team Spotlight. The schedule for the opening two draws is here:

Friday, December 4
Draw 1 – 8:00 pm ET
Game 1: RPI-1 vs RIT-3
Game 2: SUNY Poly-1 vs Villanova
Game 3: Colgate-2 vs RPI-2
Game 4: SUNY Poly-2 vs RIT-2

Saturday, December 5
Draw 2 – 8:00 am ET
Game 5: MIT vs Bowdoin
Game 6: Penn vs Hamilton
Game 7: Yale vs RIT-1
Game 8: RPI-3 vs Colgate-1

Rice Lake College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

Rice Lake Curling Club
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
December 5-6, 2015

The following fourteen teams will take part in this weekend’s Rice Lake College Bonspiel. If a school’s name is a hyperlink, you may click on it to learn more about them in their College Curling Team Spotlight.

Pool A Pool B Pool C
Oklahoma UWSP-2 UWSP-1
Carroll Butler Nebraska-1
Minnesota-1 Michigan Tech Wayne St-1
Nebraska-2 Minnesota-3 UWGB
NONE Wayne St-2 Minnesota-2

Saturday, December 5
Draw 1 – 8:00 am CT
Sheet 1: Oklahoma vs Minnesota-1
Sheet 2: Carroll-2 vs Nebraska-2
Sheet 3: Wayne St-2 vs Minnesota-2

Draw 2 – 10:15 am CT
Sheet 1: UWSP-2 vs Butler
Sheet 2: Michigan Tech vs Minnesota-3
Sheet 3: UWSP-1 vs Nebraska-1
Sheet 4: Wayne St-1 vs UWGB

Draw 3 – 12:30 pm CT
Sheet 2: Michigan Tech vs Wayne St-1
Sheet 3: Oklahoma vs Carroll
Sheet 4: Minnesota-1 vs Nebraska-2

Draw 4 – 3:00 pm CT
Sheet 1: UWSP-1 vs Minnesota-2
Sheet 2: Nebraska-1 vs UWGB
Sheet 3: UWSP-2 vs Wayne St-2
Sheet 4: Butler vs Minnesota-3

Draw 5 – 5:15 pm CT
Sheet 1: Carroll vs Minnesota-1
Sheet 2: Oklahoma vs Nebraska-2
Sheet 3: Butler vs Nebraska-1

Draw 6 – 7:30 pm CT
Sheet 1: Minnesota-3 vs Wayne St-2
Sheet 2: UWSP-2 vs Michigan Tech
Sheet 3: UWGB vs Minnesota-2
Sheet 4: UWSP-1 vs Wayne St-1

Sunday, December 6
Draw 7 – 8:30 am CT
Sheet 1: 1st Semi
Sheet 2: 3rd Semi
Sheet 3: 4th Semi
Sheet 4: 2nd Semi

Draw 8 – 11:00 am CT
Sheet 1: 3rd Finals
Sheet 2: 1st Finals
Sheet 3: 2nd Finals
Sheet 4: 4th Finals