Where to Watch Curling this Weekend


Curling Night in America returns in 2016! The first installment will air on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) on Friday, January 8th from 10:00 pm to midnight ET. The entire Curling Night in America season schedule can found at USA Curling’s website by clicking here.

As if that weren’t enough, the Curling Champions Tour (CCT) will have two events going on this weekend. The Mercure Perth Masters is already underway and the Bernese Ladies Cup begins late Friday/early Saturday North American time. You can watch the games at the Curling Champions Tour’s Youtube channel by clicking here. Here is the broadcast schedule (all times Central):

Friday, January 8
2:15 am: Mercure Perth Masters
7:30 am: Mercure Perth Masters
9:45 am: Mercure Perth Masters

Saturday, January 9
1:30 am: Bernese Ladies Cup
2:30 am: Mercure Perth Masters
4:00 am: Bernese Ladies Cup
5:15 am: Mercure Perth Masters
8:45 am: Mercure Perth Masters
10:00 am: Bernese Ladies Cup
11:00 am: Mercure Perth Masters
1:00 pm: Bernese Ladies Cup
2:00 pm: Mercure Perth Masters

Sunday, January 10
1:30 am: Bernese Ladies Cup Quarterfinal
3:00 am: Mercure Perth Masters Quarterfinal
4:15 am: Bernese Ladies Cup Semifinal
6:00 am: Mercure Perth Masters Semifinal
7:30 am: Bernese Ladies Final
9:00 am: Mercure Perth Masters Final


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