Harvard Crimson Win the Crash ‘Spiel


Belfast Curling Club
January 23-24, 2016

The Harvard Crimson won the 2016 Crash ‘Spiel. Here are the full results:

Pool A W L Pool B W L
Penn-Yale 2 1 Harvard 3 0
MIT 2 1 Yale 2 1
Bowdoin-1 2 1 Bowdoin-2 3 0
Maine 0 3 Boston U. 0 3

Draw 1
Sheet 1: Penn-Yale defeated Maine
Sheet 2: Bowdoin-1 defeated MIT
Sheet 3: Bowdoin-2 defeated Boston U.

Draw 2
Sheet 1: Yale defeated Bowdoin-2
Sheet 2: Harvard defeated Boston U.
Sheet 3: Bowdoing-1 defeated Maine

Draw 3
Sheet 1: MIT defeated Maine
Sheet 2: Penn-Yale defeated Bowdoin-1
Sheet 3: Harvard defeated Yale

Draw 4
Sheet 1: Harvard defeated Bowdoin-2
Sheet 2: Yale defeated Boston U.
Sheet 3: MIT defeated Penn-Yale

A Final: Harvard defeated Penn-Yale
B Final: Yale defeated MIT
C Final: Bowdoin-1 defeated Bowdoin-2


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