2016 USA Curling College Championship Draw Schedule


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
RPI RIT Bowdoin Nebraska
Penn SUNY-Poly UW-Stevens Point Yale
Denver Harvard Colgate Hamilton
Wayne State Oklahoma MIT Minnesota

Here is the draw schedule (All times Central):

Friday, March 11
Draw 1A – 5:00 PM
Sheet A: RIT vs. Oklahoma
Sheet B: RPI vs. Wayne State
Sheet C: Penn vs. Denver
Sheet D: SUNY-Poly vs. Harvard

Draw 1B – 8:00 PM
Sheet A: Nebraska vs. Minnesota
Sheet B: Bowdoin vs. MIT
Sheet C: UW-Stevens Point vs. Colgate
Sheet D: Yale vs. Hamilton

Saturday, March 12
Draw 2A – 9:00 AM
Sheet A: RPI vs. Denver
Sheet B: RIT vs. Harvard
Sheet C: SUNY-Poly vs. Oklahoma
Sheet D: Penn vs. Wayne State

Draw 2B – 12:00 Noon
Sheet A: Bowdoin vs. Colgate
Sheet B: Nebraska vs. Hamilton
Sheet C: Yale vs. Minnesota
Sheet D: UW-Stevens Point vs. MIT

Draw 3A – 3:30 PM
Sheet A: Denver vs. Wayne State
Sheet B: RPI vs. Penn
Sheet C: RIT vs. SUNY-Poly
Sheet D: Harvard vs. Oklahoma

Draw 3B – 6:30 PM
Sheet A: Colgate vs. MIT
Sheet B: Bowdoin vs. UW-Stevens Point
Sheet C: Nebraska vs. Yale
Sheet D: Hamilton vs. Minnesota

Sunday, March 13
7:30 AM: Semifinals A
10:00 AM: Semifinals B
12:30 PM: Finals


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