Le Gruyere AOP European Curling Championships

The 2016 Le Gruyere AOP European Curling Championships begins this weekend. You can watch the action on World Curling TV’s Youtube Channel by clicking here. Here is the viewing schedule (all times Central):

Saturday, November 19
3:00 AM: Scotland vs. Denmark (Men)
8:00 AM: Russia vs. Switzerland (Women)

Sunday, November 20
2:00 AM: Scotland vs. Sweden (Women)
6:00 AM: Germany vs. Russia (Men)

Monday, November 21
6:00 AM: Sweden vs. Germany (Women)
10:00 AM: Scotland vs. Switzerland (Men)

Tuesday, November 22
3:00 AM: Norway vs. Germany (Men)
8:00 AM: Germany vs. Scotland (Women)
1:00 PM: Switzerland vs. Sweden (Men)

Wednesday, November 23
2:00 AM: Denmark vs. Germany (Women)
6:00 AM: Switzerland vs. Norway (Men)
2:00 PM: Men’s Session 9

Thursday, November 24
3:00 AM: Women’s Session 9
1:00 PM: Men’s Semi-Final

Friday, November 25
8:00 AM: Women’s Semi-Final
1:00 PM: Bronze Medal Game (Men or Women)

Saturday, November 26
4:00 AM: Women’s Final
9:00 AM: Men’s Final


Denver College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

Denver Curling Club
November 12-13, 2016

Pool A Pool B
Nebraska-1 Nebraska-2
Oklahoma Wayne State-2
Wayne State-1 Denver-2
Denver-1 Denver-3

Saturday, November 12
9:00 AM
Sheet A: Nebraska-1 vs. Denver-1
Sheet B: Oklahoma vs. Wayne State-1
Sheet C: Nebraska-2 vs. Denver-2
Sheet D: Wayne State-2 vs. Denver-3

2:00 PM
Sheet A: Denver-2 vs. Wayne State-2
Sheet B: Nebraska-2 vs. Denver-3
Sheet C: Oklahoma vs. Denver-1
Sheet D: Nebraska-1 vs. Wayne State-1

7:00 PM
Sheet A: Denver-1 vs. Wayne State-1
Sheet B: Nebraska-1 vs. Oklahoma
Sheet C: Nebraska-2 vs. Wayne State-2
Sheet D: Denver-2 vs. Denver-3

Sunday, November 13
A Event Semi-Finals – 9:00 AM
Sheet A: #1 Pool A vs. #2 Pool B
Sheet D: #1 Pool B vs. #2 Pool A

B Event Semi-Finals – 9:00 AM
Sheet B: #3 Pool A vs. #4 Pool B
Sheet C: #3 Pool B vs. #4 Pool A

1:00 PM
Sheet A: A Event Consolation
Sheet B: A Event Final
Sheet C: B Event Final
Sheet D: B Event Consolation