Team Nina Roth to Represent USA in 2018 Winter Olympics


The final two ends were heart-stoppers.

Team Nina Roth was up 5-4 over Team Jamie Sinclair after eight ends. With a 1-point lead and hammer, Roth appeared to be on cruise control, and ready to book a flight to PyeongChang.

But not so fast.

Roth was facing two counters with her final stone in the 9th end, but in a wild turn of events, when she released the rock, the red lights went on indicating a hogline violation. This gave Team Sinclair a 6-5 lead going into the 10th end.

In the 10th, Jamie Sinclair was facing two counters with her final stone, but her rock just barely went long. It actually took a moment to determine if Roth was sitting two at that point, or just one. After taking multiple looks, Alex Carlson, the third for Team Sinclair, took her gloves off and handshakes commenced.

Realizing they were going to represent the USA in the 2018 Winter Olympics, the celebration commenced. Congratulations Nina Roth, Tabitha Peterson, Aileen Geving, and Becca Hamilton.


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