The Hamiltons Are A Hit!


They had already punched their tickets to PyeongChang in traditional four-person curling. Becca Hamilton will serve as lead for Nina Roth’s rink that will represent the USA in women’s curling in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Her brother Matt Hamilton throws second stones for Team Shuster, whom will represent the USA in the mens game. But in mixed doubles curling, the brother-sister act from Wisconsin will represent the U.S. all on their own.

Going into the 8th and final end of the trials finals, the Hamiltons had a 6-4 lead. Their opponents, Christensen – Shuster, had the hammer. With Cory Christensen’s last stone, the Hamiltons looked to be in dire straits. All Christensen needed for the win was a hit for three. But when Christensen’s shot went awry, garnering her and Shuster just one point, the Hamilton siblings were declared the victors, with a 6-5 victory.


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