Broomstones College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

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Penn Quakers Win Broomstones College Spiel

Here are the complete results from Broomstones Curling Club on November 7-8, 2015:

Penn (4-0) Yale (3-1) Harvard (2-1) Boston U1 (2-2)
W-R.I.T.(2) W-Colgate L-Bowdoin(1) L-R.P.I.(2)
W-R.P.I.(1) W-R.I.T.(1) BYE W-Hamilton
W-M.I.T. W-Bowdoin(1) W-Colgate W-R.I.T.(2)
W-Yale L-Penn W-Boston U(1) L-Harvard
Won A Final Lost A Final Won B Final Lost B Final
R.I.T.1 (3-1) R.P.I.1 (2-2) M.I.T. (3-1) Bowdoin1 (2-2)
W-Bowdoin(2) W-Boston U(2) W-Hamilton W-Harvard
L-Yale L-Penn W-R.P.I.(2) W-R.I.T.(3)
W-R.I.T.(3) W-R.P.I.(2) L-Penn L-Yale
W-R.P.I.(1) L-R.I.T.(1) W-Bowdoin(1) L-M.I.T.
Won C Final Lost C Final Won D Final Lost D Final
Hamilton (2-2) Bowdoin2 (0-3) R.I.T.2 (2-2) Colgate (1-3)
L-M.I.T. L-R.I.T.(1) L-Penn L-Yale
L-Boston U(1) L-Colgate W-Boston U(2) W-Bowdoin(2)
W-Boston U(2) BYE L-Boston U(1) L-Harvard
W-Bowdoin(2) L-Hamilton W-Colgate L-R.I.T.(2)
Won E Final Lost E Final Won F Final Lost F Final
R.I.T.3 (1-2) R.P.I.2 (1-3) Boston U2 (0-3)
BYE W-Boston U(1) L-R.P.I.(1)
L-Bowdoin(1) L-M.I.T. L-R.I.T.(2)
L-R.I.T.(1) L-R.P.I.(1) L-Hamilton
W-R.P.I.(2) L-R.I.T.(3) BYE
Won G Final Lost G Final Won H Final

Broomstones College Spiel Draw Schedule

Broomstones College Spiel

Broomstones Curling Club
November 7-8, 2015

Fifteen teams will take part in this weekend’s Broomstones College Spiel. If a school’s name is a hyperlink, you may click on it to learn more about them in their College Curling Team Spotlight.

Saturday, November 7
Draw 1 – 8:00 am ET
Game 1: Penn vs R.I.T.-2
Game 2: Boston Univ.-2 vs R.P.I.-1
Game 3: R.P.I.-2 vs Boston Univ.-1
Game 4: Hamilton College vs M.I.T.

Draw 2 – 10:15 am ET
Game 5: R.I.T.-3 vs BYE
Game 6: Harvard vs Bowdoin-1
Game 7: Colgate vs Yale
Game 8: R.I.T.-1 vs Bowdoin-2

Draw 3 – 12:30 pm ET
Games 16-19: B Bracket Quarterfinals

Draw 4 – 2:45 pm ET
Games 9-12: A Bracket Quarterfinals

Draw 5 – 5:00 pm ET
Games 20-21: B Bracket Semi-finals
Games 23-24: C Bracket Semi-finals

Draw 6 – 7:15 pm ET
Games 13-14: A Bracket Semi-finals
Games 26-27: D Bracket Semi-finals

Sunday, November 8
Draw 7 – 8:00 am ET
Game 29: E Finals
Game 30: F Finals
Game 31: G Finals
Game 32: H Finals

Draw 8 – 10:00 am ET
Game 15: A Bracket Finals
Game 22: B Bracket Finals
Game 25: C Bracket Finals
Game 28: D Bracket Finals