UW-Stevens Point wins 2018 USA Curling College Championship


Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point for winning the 2018 USA Curling College Championship. They defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 8-3. The Pointers of UWSP also won the national title in 2015.


2018 USA Curling College Championship

The coolest March Madness on ice takes place this weekend! The 2018 USA Curling College Championship takes place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin from Friday, March 9 through Sunday, March 11.

For all of the details on the bonspiel, please click here: Pool Assignments and Draw Schedule

March Curling Madness 2018

Now that so much attention is being placed on Olympic Curling – and rightfully so – it’s time to remind everyone about the great College Curling action in the USA.

From March 9-11, the USA Curling College Championship will take place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Here are the 16 qualifying schools:

R.P.I. SUNY-Poly Oklahoma Bowdoin
Nebraska Yale UW-Stevens Point M.I.T.
UW-Green Bay R.I.T. St. Norbert Colgate
Harvard Hamilton Penn Wayne State

Closer to March 9th, I’ll post more information about the coolest March Madness on ice. For more information right now, go to USA Curling College Central.

Denver College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

Denver Curling Club
November 12-13, 2016

Pool A Pool B
Nebraska-1 Nebraska-2
Oklahoma Wayne State-2
Wayne State-1 Denver-2
Denver-1 Denver-3

Saturday, November 12
9:00 AM
Sheet A: Nebraska-1 vs. Denver-1
Sheet B: Oklahoma vs. Wayne State-1
Sheet C: Nebraska-2 vs. Denver-2
Sheet D: Wayne State-2 vs. Denver-3

2:00 PM
Sheet A: Denver-2 vs. Wayne State-2
Sheet B: Nebraska-2 vs. Denver-3
Sheet C: Oklahoma vs. Denver-1
Sheet D: Nebraska-1 vs. Wayne State-1

7:00 PM
Sheet A: Denver-1 vs. Wayne State-1
Sheet B: Nebraska-1 vs. Oklahoma
Sheet C: Nebraska-2 vs. Wayne State-2
Sheet D: Denver-2 vs. Denver-3

Sunday, November 13
A Event Semi-Finals – 9:00 AM
Sheet A: #1 Pool A vs. #2 Pool B
Sheet D: #1 Pool B vs. #2 Pool A

B Event Semi-Finals – 9:00 AM
Sheet B: #3 Pool A vs. #4 Pool B
Sheet C: #3 Pool B vs. #4 Pool A

1:00 PM
Sheet A: A Event Consolation
Sheet B: A Event Final
Sheet C: B Event Final
Sheet D: B Event Consolation

Haverford/Miami (OH) wins Philly Back to School College Bonspiel

Saturday, October 15
Philadelphia Curling Club

8:00 AM
Penn defeated Oklahoma
Yale defeated RIT

10:00 AM
Haverford/Miami (OH) defeated Bowdoin
SUNY Poly defeated RPI

12:00 PM
Oklahoma defeated RIT
RPI defeated Bowdoin

2:00 PM
Penn defeated Yale
Haverford/Miami (OH) defeated SUNY Poly

5:00 PM
B Event Final: RPI defeated Oklahoma
C Event Final: Yale defeated SUNY Poly

7:00 PM
A Event Final: Haverford/Miami (OH) defeated Penn
D Event Final: Bowdoin defeated RIT

Philly Back to School College Bonspiel Draw Schedule

Saturday, October 15
Philadelphia Curling Club

8:00 AM
Game 1: Penn vs. Oklahoma
Game 2: RIT vs. Yale

10:00 AM
Game 3: Haverford vs. Bowdoin
Game 4: RPI vs. SUNY Poly

12:00 PM
Game 8: Game 1 Loser vs. Game 2 Loser
Game 9: Game 3 Loser vs. Game 4 Loser

2:00 PM
Game 5: Game 1 Winner vs. Game 2 Winner
Game 6: Game 3 Winner vs. Game 4 Winner

5:00 PM
Game 10 (B Event Final): Game 8 Winner vs. Game 9 Winner
Game 11 (C Event Final): Game 5 Loser vs. Game 6 Loser

7:00 PM
Game 7 (A Event Final): Game 5 Winner vs. Game 6 Winner
Game 12 (D Event Final): Game 8 Loser vs. Game 9 Loser